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    December 06, 2011

    Welcome to the website!

    This has been a dream of mine for years: a website dedicated to the love of Cuban cigars. There’s nothing like a great Cuban smoke, or Habano, as some call them.

    I remember the first Cuban cigar I smoked. It was back in 1983 when I was working as a senior editor of The Wine Spectator in San Francisco, and a Frenchman, Francis Dewavrin, offered me a Cuban stick after a wine tasting at his then wine estate on Howell Mountain in Napa Valley.

    I had been smoking cigars for some time, but mostly smokes from Honduras. I was blown away by the complexity and richness of the Cuban cigar I smoked with the late Francis. And I knew that I had to learn more about them and smoke more.

    So began my love affair with Cuban cigars. I finally went to the island in September 1992 and continued to go on a yearly basis ever since.

    As you know, I no longer work for The Wine Spectator or Cigar Aficionado, but my joy for smoking a Habanos continues. Of course, that’s why I made the movie “Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba.” And it’s why I created this website,

    I am really proud of the movie. As the Cuban ambassador to Mexico said after seeing the film this fall, the movie “captures the true spirit of the Cuban people and a product that is dear to their hearts.” The legendary Cuban writer and president of the writers association on the island, Miguel Barnet, calls the movie “monumental.”

    See if for yourself. You can buy the DVD for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. Or you can download it digitally for $14.99.

    I hope you enjoy it all.


    Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba - Synopsis

    Cuba is the Holy Grail for cigar smokers. “Cigars: The Heart & Soul of Cuba” will take you on a journey across the island with acclaimed cigar expert James Suckling to discover why Cuban cigars are the best in the world. Suckling has been traveling to Cuba regularly since the early 1990s, first as European Editor of Cigar Aficionado magazine, and now with his own website, He has visited the tobacco plantations, sorting houses, factories, and cigar shops hundreds of times. But on this trip, he is determined to find out once and for all exactly what makes Cuban cigars so very special. Run time: 50 minutes, 39 seconds

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